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  • May be the Apple iPhone 4S Worth The Money

    May be the Apple iPhone 4S Worth The Money

    What is the difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S? You need to take a closer look to identify the main difference. The processor is more powerful with a dual-chip A5 chip that enables you more storage, faster functions, and efficient Internet browsing.

    The 4S is so powerful, it is now similar to the processor from the iPad. The A5 is the most powerful chip ever device for a smartphone. It's double the amount power than its predecessor, and it is seven times faster when displaying graphics and videos. Another advantage of the most powerful processor is efficiency. You will notice that the battery every day life is longer because of efficiency from the processor. The iPhone 4S is built for gamers, and it will not disappoint.

    You will also love the super responsive and accurate touchscreen of the phone, that is one of the most essential things you'll need when you're handling the telephone apps, managing your email and messages, and playing games.

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    Your camera is yet another big banger. It features 8MP backed with an all-new optics technology that can shoot 1080p high-definition videos. Leave behind long loading times. Remember those moments whenever you needed to hold the digital camera phone as still as a statue even after three seconds once the shutter clicks? That's no longer the case with the 4S camera, that is more efficient, faster, and is ready when you're. This really is like a full-fledge digital camera placed on a phone. Enjoy high-quality photos and digital imagery with this particular powerful camera.

    The camera can also be intelligent. It has face detection technology that enables it to regulate the lighting and concentrate on the most significant subject on screen. It can adjust the frame, balance the exposure, and recognize as much as 10 faces each time you are taking a go. In a fraction of a second, you are able to capture memories and life using the super fast phone camera unparalleled by every other smartphone. Enjoy photo streaming, and discover the fun of HDR shots.

    Oh, and there is additionally that few the iOS. The 4S isn't just sleeker, smoother, and much more beautiful, it is also still very intelligent, most abundant in advanced operating-system under its hood. The iOS 5 is the biggest leap in OS technology because the appearance of the iPhone, flanked by over 200 new features and applications. Among those additional features re Twitter integration, advanced notification center, along with a more fluid messaging technology that connects all Apple handheld devices.

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    Finally, the iCloud is here. The 4S enables you to manage all your things. This can be a remote storage for all your photos,. documents, music, and much more, exclusive only on Apple devices. You are able to download iTunes on the iCLoud, iBooks, and more apps. You will find that everything important is underneath the cloud.

    Added by Vanessa & Dobson on Mon, Jul 2nd 2012